Inspired by traditional Mexican recipes, our farm to table food boasts handmade fare made with ingredients grown on our very own farm in Sonoma County. Balancing the best in flavor with our hand-harvested sea salt, authentic cooking and the freshest local, all-natural ingredients, we are honored to serve healthy and eco-conscious, tried and true Mexican meals. Whether dining in, taking out or shopping in stores, we invite you to enjoy our food, made with love.


To create simple, authentic healthy and flavorful Mexican food the same way you do at home, with the freshest ingredients from our farm or from farmers who we know by name.


Passion for wholesome Food
Passion for wholesome Service
Passion for wholesome People
Passion for wholesome Suppliers
Passion for a wholesome Planet


Sabor Mexicano envisions a world where authentic, simple, healthy and flavorful Mexican food is the standard rather then the exception in every community around the world.




Passed down for generations, our family recipes make delicious authentic Mexican food, the Mexican way. Local, simple, fresh and pure ingredients lend robust richness to every bite; using only preservative free, all-natural and non GMO meat and produce, we take pride in our farm fresh and flavorful fare.



In Spanish, “sabor,” means “flavor,” and we believe that the secret to elevating good food to great food is in the freshness of its ingredients. Whether dining in, taking out or buying our products in stores, you will experience the joy of authentic Mexican cooking. Made with local, mindful and pure ingredients, Sabor Mexicano’s farm to table foods are good for you and good for the environment.



Fresh flavor is the best flavor. Done right, our complex cooking can be simply achieved through using seasonal vegetables and fruits, fresh ingredients and our very own hand-harvested sea salt. From garlic and onions, peppers and tomatoes, to herbs, we grow all our own staples to ensure the best tasting food, all year long.


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